Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our eClinical trial forms processing system. Hopefully these will answer most of your questions but if you have any more complex questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.




What level of IT expertise required?

We understand eClinical will be used in applications ranging from large organisations with dedicated IT staff to smaller projects with limited IT resources.  We are happy to document your entire end-to-end requirements, develop, test and install a fully working solution.  Any IT literate user, armed with our training, will then be able to manage and run the system to capture and export thousands of trial forms.

Alternatively, if you have the IT resources, we are equally happy to deliver the software, possibly hardware, support and training to allow you to design forms and exports internally.  This does not require a technical developer, but a good familiarity with Windows based IT systems is helpful.

What kind of training is involved?

Although we have a range of courses designed for all aspects of the eClinical system, we are happy to tailor a course around your particular needs.

Our standard two day training course will give basic tuition on how to design your clinical trials form, how to scan and verify forms, how to create exports, and how to search and retrieve data using eStore.

Can we arrange it at our offices or coordinating centre?

Yes, we actually prefer to attend your site to give bespoke training on your actual system.  This allows us to better understand your requirements and to customise some of the training to your forms.

How many people can we get trained?

As we usually give the training on your site, the maximum number of delegates is usually limited by the space and PC resources you have available. We can provide additional software and workstations if required, although this can take extra time to set up on your site. Typically, we can train four to six delegates sharing two or three PCs.