Effective Efficient Trial Forms Processing

Your Aim:

Fast and efficient data capture from CRF and other trials forms

The Challenge:

 Ensuring accuracy whilst maintaining speed and efficiency

The Solution:

eClinical Trial Forms Processing

In terms of outcomes, you are only as good as the accuracy and reliability of the data you collect from CRFs and other clinical trials forms.Capturing high volumes of trials data, follow-up forms or patient surveys can be a time consuming and labour intensive task.Recognising the importance of data collection in clinical trials and the medical sector, ePartner Consulting Ltd have introduced eClinical trial forms processing to make clinical trials much less of a 'trial'.

eClinical enables you to process high volumes of hand-completed clinical trial forms with clinical efficiency, without compromising accuracy, reliability or auditing.

  • Supports your aims with tried and tested document management technology
  • Combines traditional paper forms with on-line and eMail forms for data capture
  • Brings clinical efficiency to your data collection and management
  • Meets requirements (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 guidance) for auditable process and good housekeeping
  • Reduces time and resources required to collate and feedback data